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speech S2Smarts BBQ

Hey Everyone!

The BBQ at S2Smarts was on today and of course, we were there. If you've never been to S2Smarts before, I highly recommend going (it is a long way down from the Wirral - 3.5 hours at least but worth it) as it is a wonderful place to be with people who really know what they are talking about.

S2Smarts BBQ 2016 (click for the full gallery)

I got there at about 10.30am and already the parking spaces were getting full. By about lunchtime, the road where S2Smarts are based was pretty much full! At this point, I could here the whine of the dynometer (rolling road) whirring. Anticipation was building as I had booked the WirralSmarts car for 2pm.

On display from S2Smarts was the 451 and 454 race cars. The 451 looked pristine (save for a few snagging things) but the 454 had been through the wars having been in a collision with a Ferrari in a previous race - still looked awesome. The engine bay on that thing was impressive and inspiring. The quality of the attending Smarts on display was, as always, excellent. Mostly 450s and 452s, the variety of cars on display ranging from completely stock to custom bling was excellent (a latecomer 451 had some of the wildest wheels I have ever seen).

The food and drink on offer was very good (the hot dog I had was niiccceee) and people were quite friendly, happy to strike up a chat about anything Smart related.

During the day, there were 3 Smarts before the WirralSmarts car on the dyno. Tune4Performance (who run the dyno and does the remapping of Smarts for S2Smarts I believe) are well recognised and the runs on the dyno were cool up until the car before me where it seemed to struggle to get rolling on the road, eventually breaking free and knocking down the cooling fan!

Remember, doing these things entail a certain amount of risk.

After that, the WirralSmarts car was next and the guy who was doing the rolling road confessed to me that he had never dynoed at a naturally aspirated 454 before so I was the first one! The car went up and after a quick check over on the STAR machine, it was strapped in and ready to roll.

Boy, did it. Unlike the turbocharged 450/452 models, the N/A 454 made a less harsh noise though I suspect that is down to shorter exhausts. However, the 454 has a bigger rev range than either of the other two so was on there longer running up. The car did the run and a number came out but not before a surprise in the form of complete ECU/computer failure. The run seemed to K.Oed the car as the speedo cluster lit up like a Christmas tree and the 3 bars appeared.

Remeber... risk.

Thankfully, cool heads prevailed and doing a hard reset (taking the battery lead off for 5/10 minutes) and the car sprang into life again. The numbers coming out of the car was astonishing though.

The stock figures for the 1.3 ForFour (which is published only as a guide) is 95bhp/92ft-lb torque. The figures the WirralSmarts car was coming out with 114.2bhp/116.6ft-lb and that was with very limited modding, nothing that would drastically alter that figure anyway.

If the car was producing the stock figure, I would have wanted a remap to get the bhp figure to 100bhp (I have a thing about symmetry) but as it is running damn near +20bhp out of the box, I am going to leave it as is until the aesthetics are done. To that end, during the day, I decided on the following:

- Cruiseline wheels are needed (sell the Strokelines I have to fund this possibly?) - Paint the panels (already in the plan but the colour wasn't until now) - Lower the car (may speak to S2Smarts about this)

Seeya all on the net!

Written by Ocracoke - Archive