wirralsmarts Welcome!

Welcome to WirralSmarts, a car club for Smart car owners in and around the Wirral. We are a small and friendly group of Smart car owners who are enthuisastic about these cars, going from the classic 450 City-Coupe and 452 Roadster right through to the new 453 series along with the family friendly 454 and updated 451 models. Our club offers the following:

  1. Free membership to the online club.
  2. A monthly e-newsletter featuring what WirralSmarts have and are doing.
  3. A regular meet up, all are welcome to come along!

index-news Welcome to the new look site!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our long awaited site update! This update contains a fair few new things, including a much better search engine, the site is more readable than before and the model guides are completely updated amongst other elements. If you are a member of WirralSmarts, you'll also note that there has been several changes to the user controls as well. We've had to ditch a few elements to make this deadline but these things will be added in due course, notably the forum isn't working (due to the overhaul of how the site handles the forum). It is effectively in read only mode.

You will also note that the model guides have a image for each trim level that a model has (and where a badge should be in place) but some of these are blank - we are looking for images of these badges so if you have any of the missing badge, drop us a e-mail and let us know you have one.

Please let us know via the contact form about how we are doing with the update and wherever you are having any issues with the site.

See you all on the net!