wirralsmarts Welcome!

Welcome to WirralSmarts, a car club for Smart car owners in and around the Wirral. We are a small and friendly group of Smart car owners who are enthuisastic about these cars, going from the classic 450 City-Coupe and 452 Roadster right through to the new 453 series along with the family friendly 454 and updated 451 models. Our club offers the following:

  1. Free membership to the online club.
  2. A regular meet up, all are welcome to come along!

index-news Our plans for 2018

Hey Everyone!

With 2017 out of the way, we can now look forwards to 2018.As I noted in a previous news post, the number of meet updates will reduce from once a month to once a seasonal quarter and we will announce the meet up dates fairly soon.
Club members will be notified automatically via e-mail (where opted in). We will also plan a day out drive in the summer as last year as well, likely to be around North Wales.

With regards to guides, which have been a bit thin on the ground recently, there will be a upcoming update to the HUD guide with another product fairly soon. With the rebuild of our 450 CDI and the original WirralSmarts car as well, we should have some more coming soon, especially in the engine department.

Seeya all on the net!