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Ideas for June 2016

Hey everyone!

So we have made it to 2016 and our meetings page has been updated but you might notice that June has a question mark against it. I am hoping that June is a pleasant month because I think we can do something special for the mid-year point.

My first thought was to do a drive from New Brighton to Parkgate for the world famous ice-cream or stick around New Brighton, park up along the Dips and basically show off to the passing drivers. ;) As June is in the middle of the show season as well, it makes some sense.

However, I'd like to open this up to get some ideas as to what we could do. Anyone got any ideas?

Posted by: Ocracoke at 2016-01-14 00:45:26

Re: Ideas for June 2016

Another thought I had was to have a drive/photo day, provided it is nice weather and a good variety of models show, to do some beauty shots for printing.

Posted by: Ocracoke at 2016-01-22 20:08:42

Re: Ideas for June 2016

So with June fast approaching, I guess we play this one by ear. If it is sunny enough, I think the drive/photo day will be good but if it is raining... I guess the drive would still happen but we would need to find somewhere covered. :)

So with that in mind, for the drive, I was thinking from the Lymm services on the M56 to Parkgate for ice cream and then onwards to finish at Fort Perch Rock in New Brighton. The route is quite fast and does pass through a variety of towns for us to parade/show off through.

With that said, I am open to ideas as to where to go. I'd like to nail down where we are going by the end of April so I can plot and dummy run the route to make sure it runs smoothly. Let me know what you are thinking!

Posted by: Ocracoke at 2016-03-20 13:47:11

Re: Ideas for June 2016

OK, so provided no-one chips in any other suggestions, I think the route is going to be from Lymm to Parkgate for ice cream and then finishing at New Brighton.

At the April meet (that is the one in Frodsham), I'll be designing some artwork to promote the event. For the May meeting in North Wales, I'll be finalising the route. For the benefit of learner drivers (I have had one in the past turn up to a drive), there will be no motorways involved. It would be cheating at any rate. ;)

Doing some rough calculations, the drive will be fairly speedy (depending on what the traffic is like on the A roads). Will work it out at the meets.

Seeya there!

Posted by: Ocracoke at 2016-04-14 00:01:29