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Silly Road Users V Smart Car Drivers.

This is a Facebook post I wrote last November that some of you guys at 'WirralSmarts' may find interesting/amusing as I'm sure I'm not the only Smart Car Fotwo owner who has had this sort of experience.
Enjoy (I hope!!) my tail.
Ross 😀

Smart Car Fotwo 1000cc Pulse 451 Coupe.

As some of you know I changed my car earlier this year. My old car a Cirtoen DS3 Racing was being driven less and less due to my ever increasing paranoia that it would be damaged by other people when parked and when frequently negotiating (or playing vehicular Russian Roulette) the newly revamped Switch Island Interchange.
So with a heavy heart I sold my DS3 and bought my little Smart Car with a power discrepancy between them of 163bhp. Here are some of the good points to owning a very small two seat city car.

1. I no longer have the privilege of paying Road Tax, nor do I have to put up with extortionate insurance premiums.
2. I can only get 65mpg.
3. I can easily fit all my friends in it should they fancy a trip to the seaside.
4. It will (contrary to popular belief) cruse at motorway speeds and exceed the national speed limit should I wish to, but I don't.
5. I can park in very small areas.
6. I doesn't take long to De-Ice or wash.
7. They are not as primitive as people think they are, having ABS, Electronic Stability Control, Stop Start Technology, Hill Start Assist, Full Climate Control etc. etc.

Now the down side! When you own a Smart Car virtually every other car driver assumes they can bully you out of their way, as they obviously need to get to their destination faster than you because they are more important than you, even if it means breaking the law.
OK this is the big one, when pulling away from a set of traffic lights, if you out accelerate another car the driver will 99% of the time floor his/her accelerator to get past you no matter what the risk, they have to prove that they won't be out accelerated 'by one of those things'.

This leads me to last night. Whilst bringing my youngest daughter home from a club in Crosby, I pulled up at the lights on the A59 Northway, by the Alt Pub heading back into Maghull. A few cars pulled up behind me on the inside lane, then a VW Passat pulled along side me in the outside lane and a BMW behind him. As the lights changed to green I accelerated away leaving the VW and the other car behind at the lights, as expected the VW, BMW and another car went hurtling past me at high speed. After they had got about half a mile in front of me, the last car in the speeding trio suddenly lit up the night sky with its blue flashing light show. You guest it, it was an unmarked police car. When we got up to the next set of lights, all three cars had stopped in the middle of the road the police officer was out of his car and irately pointing his finger at both drivers ordering them to the side of the road. I couldn't help but smile to myself.

The moral of this little story is, the next time some little tiny car beats you away from the lights, don't try and prove that your car is faster, it's just not worth it and I bet those two fools won't be doing it again.

Posted by: rossfergie1958 at 2017-03-30 11:25:35

Re: Silly Road Users V Smart Car Drivers.

Hahahahahaa, it always seems to be the Smart owning folk against the rest of the driving world, doesn't it? ;) No matter what you do, because of what a Smart is, you must be the problem when clearly, it is them.

I must confess, driving a 454 ForFour, it "blends" in better with the traffic so I tend not to see this problem as much. When I drive a 450, especially on major trunk roads like the A55, it can be nightmare putting up with other driver's prejudices. They can do the speed limit just fine and you know you are getting better MPG than most on the road ;)

Posted by: Ocracoke at 2017-03-30 16:05:27

Re: Silly Road Users V Smart Car Drivers.

I may need to retreat on my last comment about the 454 blending in. Twice yesterday, I was nearly ploughed into with scary cut ins on a roundabout by a speeding Lexus. :(

Posted by: Ocracoke at 2017-05-29 21:31:21