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The 2016 WirralSmarts event

Hey Everyone!

Following on from some deliberation, I am pleased to announce our 2016 event!

We will start at the Lymm services by the M56 and drive through the Cheshire countryside towards Parkgate for some world famous ice cream! After that, we will finish at New Brighton where we will probably stop at the seafront for food (possibly at the Lighthouse, which is just in Wallasey Village about a mile away).

Please do post the advert in your Facebook/Twitter as we would like to get as many people at this event as we can!

Posted by: Ocracoke at 2016-04-23 21:42:59

Re: The 2016 WirralSmarts event

The route details are now available to read!

Route details (pdf)

I'll be timing the entire run next weekend to ensure that there isn't any problems with the route though there should not be any. For those that are joining us at Parkgate rather than at Lymm, I cannot guarantee exactly when we will arrive there but if you at at Parkgate for about noonish, we will either already be there or nearly there so I'd aim to be there for then although I would expect 12.30pm.

The headache at the moment is parking at Parkgate. As noted in the route details, 450, 451 and C453 drivers have a good chance of parking right outside the ice cream parlour. 452, 454 and W453 drivers may struggle to find space so the official advice is to park in the directed car park which is signposted on the road going into Parkgate.

If you miss the entry to the car park, your best bet is to turn around as there is a not-quite-a roundabout at the bottom of the road before it bends, just after the pub (the car park there is a pay and display!) otherwise you'll need to make a massive detour.

Posted by: Ocracoke at 2016-06-03 01:37:29

Re: The 2016 WirralSmarts event

Hi had a really good day out today. The other don't know what they missed. Thanks again. See you soon.

Posted by: Casper958 at 2016-06-18 18:44:42

Re: The 2016 WirralSmarts event

Hey there, thanks for the comment! Yes, it really was a good day out - shame the others didn't show but nevermind. :D

Hope to see you two soon!

Posted by: Ocracoke at 2016-06-18 18:46:38