Cookies and Privacy Policy


WirralSmarts does use a single cookie for the club members area which is created by PHP.


WirralSmarts does not provide any personal information to any third party and will not release them under any circumstance unless compelled to by UK or EU law. We endeavour to keep the details you give us safe. We do record IP addresses, web browser details for logging metrics and security. Any maintenance guide accessed on this site will update the entry associated with it to show when it was last accessed.We do record the following when a search is ran:
  • What search term was used
  • The date/time the search was ran
  • The IP address

These are used to identify popular search terms to improve/add content to WirralSmarts.co.uk. They are also used to identify any potential malicious users so they can be dealt with.

Club Members

Club members have the following personal information collected about them when they are registered:
  • Username
  • E-mail Address
  • Type of Smart car they have
  • The last date/time the user logged in

Additionally, e-mail contact preferences are saved along with a voluntary picture of their car is displayed with the username displayed beneath. If a club member wishes to be removed from our club list, they will need to log into the account and select the "Delete Account" option. Upon doing so, all personal information as defined in the GDPR will be removed. If you require your data to be delivered to you in a portable format (this will likely take form of a set of CSV files), please contact wirralsmarts {at} aofw.org.

Contact messages

Users who use the contact form have their e-mail address and contact message recorded to allow a reply if required.