Smart 452 - Roadster/Roadster-Coupé

Introduced in 2003, the Roadster and Roadster-Coupé brought the small sports car to Smart and it is well known for the great handling ability and style.

A Smart Roadster-Coupé

A Smart Roadster
Both variations of this car are convertibles with either a hardtop or an electric soft-top. However, the Coupé has a glass hatch where as the Roadster lacks this (sometimes referred to as a notchback). All came with a 6 speed semi-auto gearbox.


All Roadsters sold in the UK are powered by a slightly modified version of the 700cc turbocharged Superex engine found in the ForTwo, typically producing 80bhp but early imports produce 61bhp. Brabus tuned versions of this car take the engine to 101bhp.

Trim levels

Name Badge Year(s)
Bluewave 2003(?)
Brabus None 2004 - 2006 (?)
Brabus Xclusive 2005 - 2006 (?)
Finale 2006
Light 2004 - 2006(?)
RCR 2005
Speedsilver None 2003(?)
Standard* None 2003 - 2006

* There was no official name applied to the standard trim level for the Roadster

Typical issues


  • Leaks appear to be maddeningly common on this model. Check around the mirrors, around the dash and around the windscreen, especially where the SAM unit is. If wet, the car can exhibit electrical gremlins, wet carpets and if left untreated, can cause a SAM unit failure, resulting in the unit requiring to be replaced.
  • Monoblock alloys have a tendency to buckle (more so than the Fortwo due to the lower profile tyres).
  • The glass hatch from the Coupé cannot be fitted onto the standard Roadster as the Tridion frame is different.
  • The Trackline wheels normally found on a Roadster looks similar to the "Design 1" wheels found on a 451. All round, Tracklines are 195 or 205/50/15 tyres, Design 1 wheels are 175/60/15 at the front, 195/55/15 at the rear.
  • Door cables have been known to fail, like the 450 can as well. Again, ensure the door handles are lubricated.


  • Rebuilds here are not as common but as the engine is based on the standard 700cc Smart engine, it may need it. Unlike the Fortwo, the engine in the Raodster seems to be good for about 100,000+ miles.
  • The Roadster has a different variation of Turbo to the 700cc ForTwo. If you need to get a new turbo, make sure that it is for the Roadster. This also applies to the Exhaust.
  • In the UK, there are a few LHD Roadsters. These early imports are sometime powered by a 61bhp engine rather than the 80bhp engine found later on.

VIN number patterns

VIN Number prefix Model
452332, 452334 Roadster-Coupé
452337 Roadster-Coupé Brabus
452432, 452434 Roadster
452437 Roadster Brabus