Smart 453 - ForTwo & ForFour

A ForTwo Cabriolet (A453)

A ForTwo Coupe (C453)

A ForFour (W453)

The new ForTwo (C453) and ForFour (W453) to the world towards the end of 2014 with the Cabriolet (A453) arriving in 2016 and they marked a different trend with the visual appearance of a Smart. All models share parts with the Renault Twingo and for the first time, a manual gearbox is available with the ForTwo. A Brabus tuned variant was also introduced in 2016 into the UK.

  1. Engines
    1. Electric Drive
  2. Transmission
  3. Trim levels
  4. Typical Issues
    1. Exterior
    2. Engine/Suspension
  5. VIN number patterns


All three models are available with a naturally aspirated 1000cc engine and a turbo charged 899cc engine, both with a stop/start feature. All of these engines are Renault sourced. There is no diesel variant, nor is there likely to be any plans for one in the 453 range.

Electric Drive

In 2017, the entire 453 had a electric drive variant introduced. All electric drive models came with a 82bhp motor with a 17.6kWh battery pack. The W453 (ForFour) and A453 (ForTwo Cabriolet) have a potential range of 96 miles, while the C453 (ForTwo Coupe) has a potential range of 99 miles.


The semi-automatic gearbox is completely different to the semi-automatic gearbox found in the previous Smarts as it is a dual clutch unit. Much like the Series I ForFour, the 5-speed manual gearbox is the standard gearbox for the 453 models, the 6-speed semi-automatic gearbox is a £1000 extra(!)

Trim levels

The 453, like the previous Smarts, came with a core variety of trims along with a number of special trim levels. However, unlike previous Smarts, in the UK the initial trims were Passion, Prime and Proxy (with Passion being the "basic" model) and, more confusingly, the Proxy trim was dropped mid 2016 to be replaced by the trim line of Passion, Prime and Prime Sport. In 2017, the Pure variant was reintroduced into the UK to be the basic model.

Name Badge Year(s)
Black Edition 2016
Blue Edition 2018
Brabus 2016 -
Disturbing London 2017
Edition 1 2015 - 2016
Electric Drive/EQ 2017 -
Passion 2015 -
Prime 2015 -
Prime Sport 2016 -
Proxy 2015 - 2016
Pure None 2017 -
Red Edition 2018
White Edition 2016

Typical Issues

The new series of Smart appear to share similar mechanical parts with each other (and the Twingo it is based on) but the panels are completely different.


  • Be aware that this design is wider by 10cm than a 451 so if you are used to the 450 or the 451, take extra care fitting through gaps.
  • The ForFour doors are made of metal as opposed to a plastic skin, which the Fortwo has. This means changing the colour on a ForFour is harder than a ForTwo (unless vinyl wrapped or plasti-dipped).
  • There appears to be different variations of the front grille depending on the model and trim level, so bear this in mind if you need to buy one (this has yet to be confirmed).
  • There seems to be an issue with the alarm where the bonnet catch appears to be setting it off. Smart are aware of this and the fix appears to be a extra spacer in the catch, more information here.
  • At motorway speeds (~70mph), this model is known to make a screeching noise. The issue appears to be that the edge guard near the door handle is not tight enough (Reference).


  • There has been a safety recall for all DCT Smarts - more info here

VIN number patterns

VIN Number prefix Model
453041, 453042, 453043, 453044, 453053 ForFour
453062 ForFour Brabus
453091 ForFour Electric Drive
453341, 453342, 453343, 453344, 453353 ForTwo Coupe
453362 ForTwo Coupe Brabus
453391 ForTwo Coupe Electric Drive
453442, 453443, 453444, 453453 ForTwo Cabriolet
453462 ForTwo Cabriolet Brabus
453491 ForTwo Cabriolet Electric Drive