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Day 4 - Components readied

Hey Everyone!

So the EGR valve in the CDi appears to be OK but the housing around it is still screwed with the broken bolt that appears to have been bored in.

Luckily, Ball and Brown in Southport had one for sale on the off chance with a relatively new cartridge in it so I decided to get that and then I can spend a little time cleaning up the original valve and getting the broken bolt out. In short, this completes all the parts procurement to get the engine running, which is:

New (to me) EGR valve
New (to me) Turbocharger
New aftermarket exhaust
New gaskets

Hopefully, I can get this running by the end of the year. After that, it probably wants new brakes, a check on the suspension and steering joints and a damn good clean - the thing stinks of diesel fumes.