"Vern" - The WirralSmarts car

The first WirralSmarts car (2009 - 2016)

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The return of an era

Hey Everyone!

Since my last post for this car, I assumed that was that - it would be the last post and I'd never see the car again.


The car survived and after a stop over in Newark made its way to Scunthorpe where it was meant to have a Hyabusa engine fitted into it. The guy who owned it, however, decided that he wanted to concentrate on his Mini (which is an awesome car) and so decided to sell Vern again. I found the car on eBay as a Spares or Repair vehicle, went to Scunthorpe and boom, I own the car again! Driving it home was nuts.

Now I am in the process of getting it to go through the MOT and then once done, I'll be selling Jennifer to concentrate on fixing up Vern and Doug and then the original duo will be back.

Seeya all on the net!